Hight-resolution imagery is availailbe in MapTiler Cloud

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We have processed the opendata satellite imagery of the whole world, adjusted look&feel and carefully stitched all individual input files to create a seamless map layer with beautiful colors. Now you can zoom in at any place on the planet and preview the images down to zoom level 13 (with a resolution of approximately 20m per pixel).

Need a satellite map which you can self-host, use offline
or integrate and deploy with your products?

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The OpenMapTiles Satellite tileset is now in the BETA version. We are finalizing the layer and fixing remaining known problems.

The map layer is a result of the team work of Klokan Technologies GmbH and OctoGEO s.r.o. We collected the imagery, did a color adjustment, sharpening, and tile rendering with the MapTiler Cluster software.

Tiles rendered with MapTiler.


The original (almost) cloudless map is produced by our partner EOX IT Services GmbH who did the processing of the raw global ESA Copernicus Sentinel-2 satellite imagery collected during the summer 2016/2017 and produced the Sentinel-2 cloudless map.

The map tiles for the entire planet can be supplied in GeoPackage or MBTiles archive with a size of approximately 200 GBytes. The tileset is available to our customers on request - please contact us!


Self-hosting this satellite layer is straightforward with our tools. You can use OpenMapTiles Map Server - just copy the downloaded satellite mbtiles into the data directory before launching the installation wizard. It will automatically detect and use the satellite data.

We also offer an affordable and reliable map tile hosting service with global CDN and HA setup - if you just need to use the map on the web or in mobile apps.

Data attribution

Data processing Klokan Technologies GmbH and OctoGEO s.r.o..