Free data

We love the open-source and open-data community. That is the reason why we work on the OpenMapTiles project in the first place, and why we publish the pre-generated OpenStreetMap vector tiles completely for free.

The FREE tiles are legally usable for:

  • open-source demonstration and open-data community project websites
  • non-commercial personal projects
  • evaluation and education purposes

For the above legal use-cases, there are no restrictions on the type of usage of the maps you create with the FREE tiles. You can use these FREE tiles in your personal non-commercial open-source projects, for evaluation / educational apps. Under these conditions the usage can be online or offline, on the intranet, in embedded devices, to create printed materials, video recordings, etc. We only ask for a visible attribution (see the Attribution requirement section below).

Any other use case (esp. integration with applications deployed in production, commercial products, mobile apps, official institutional web portals, etc.) requires the purchase of the OpenMapTiles Data License. This allows us to maintain and develop the open-source project further.

It is great to see our map tiles and our open-source software actively used!

Licensed data

We want to help your business grow with our maps. To cover the costs of processing, hosting and updating the large geographical data with worldwide coverage and ensuring the whole OpenMapTiles project is sustainable we offer additional commercial services and production data packages.

Commercial self-hosting is the main idea behind the OpenMapTiIes Data License, for which the additional conditions are listed here:

The data is purchased in the name of a single entity (company, institution, individual) which integrates the maps in its own products, services, or internal systems, for example, a mobile app, web application, software displaying the individual map tiles loaded from a centralized web server, etc.

The rights apply to all the products of the entity who purchased the data or production package, for example, multiple websites or all mobile apps released in the name of the entity (a single company).

Purchase by a reseller or distributor or purchase by a contractor for integration of the map data into its client’s project is possible with the Business production package which allows different billing and technical contacts and purchase with an invoice and bank wire transfer. We can provide a distributor/integrator discount already from the second purchase order of the Business production package. Contact us at [email protected]

Multi-license requirement

Multi-license is a yearly fee and can be acquired together with the Business production package only.

If your products or services containing the map data target other legal entities (companies/institutions) Multi-license is required. The fee is being calculated from the use case specifics and the number of such legal entities in the respective next 12 months. We welcome such applications but please, send these details to [email protected] first, we will provide you with the price offer.

Running a traditional commercial map tile hosting service for any third party is permitted but requires the Business production package with Multi-license as well.

Downloaded datasets shall not be made available to any third party as they are - neither for sale nor for free. If you want to redistribute our tilesets, please contact us at [email protected] first to describe your use case. The Business production map package is required together with Multi-license, and we need to determine the yearly fee.

If the maps appear in a published form under your name you need your own license. Every branch (local company)needs its own rights or the parent company must purchase the Business production map package with Multi-license.

Custom styles

Business production package customers have a right to use and modify OpenMapTiles styles to match their own company brand. The right to these custom styles is not transferable to another third-party company or customer. Customers can also purchase Premium styles offered in MapTiler Cloud, for applications with OpenMapTiles licensed data. Contact us at [email protected].

Attribution requirement

The OpenMapTiles has a strict requirement of attribution on the produced maps regardless of using the free, purchased or self-generated map tiles. It is an important part of the sustainability strategy. By using OpenMapTiles data you agree to provide such attribution on the maps you display.

The standard production package or individual purchase of the data require attribution. Exemption from the OpenMapTiles attribution requirement can be granted for commercial applications in a written form by MapTiler AG. Contact us at [email protected]

For a browsable electronic map based on the OpenMapTiles and OpenStreetMap data, the credit should appear in the corner of the map. It is required to indicate:

© MapTiler © OpenStreetMap contributors

For printed maps, images or video recording a similar attribution should be made in a clearly visible textual description near the map, in the same fashion as if you cite a photograph.

Please ensure your application complies to data attribution requirements for datasets such as Satellite, contours, hillshading and terrain derived from DEM.

No warranties

The free and licensed data and software are provided “as is” without warranties or conditions of any kind, whether oral or written, express or implied. By downloading or ordering the data or purchasing the production package you confirm you have verified the quality of the data in the public preview and you accept it is of sufficient quality for your use case.

Limitation of Liability

Except to the extent prohibited by law, in no event shall the OpenMapTiles team or MapTiler AG be liable for direct, indirect, special, incidental, consequential or other damages (including lost profit or lost data) arising out of the use, inability to use, or the results of the use of our data or software, whether based on warranty, contract, tort or other legal theory, and whether or not advised of the possibility of such damages.


To make the adoption of the OpenMapTiles map data as easy as possible - we have developed a ready-to-use map server which is available at This software can be directly used with data downloaded from the OpenMapTiles website.

It is powered by open-source components our team released on GitHub. Production setup and assistance with large scale deployment are offered separately.


Basic support for licensed data is provided on the “best effort” basis for free at or by email at [email protected].

Customers may purchase guaranteed support packages on or by email at [email protected].