Vector map tiles from for your web and mobile products. Map packages, hosting and support directly from the developers.

World tiles for production use & terrain

Pre-generated tiles of the World with rights for unlimited use. Package includes regular updates, contour lines and hill-shading.
Starting at 512 USD

Area extract for production use

Vector and raster tilesets of specified area. One-time payment and unlimited rights for fixed price.
Starting at 10 USD

Mobile app source code

Speed up development of your own Android and iOS app. Maps are powered by vector tiles for both online and offline use.
Price 512 USD

Vector tile hosting

Hosting of regularly updated OpenStreetMap vector tiles, with HTTPS and global CDN. Ready for production use in your mobile apps or web projects.
Starting at 40 USD / month

Rendering world on a cluster

World map with your own schema of OpenMapTiles quickly processed on our servers. Delivery can be done in 2 business days.
Starting at 1050 USD

Support and consulting

Need help with hosting, workflow or setting up a project? Support is provided in written form or as a phone/video call.
Starting at 175 USD

Custom map tiles & design

Tailored maps & designs for your project. Maps are adjusted according to your requirements.

Coordinate systems

Vector tiles are usually distributed in Web Mercator projection (EPSG:3857), however we can also create vector tileset in any coordinate system that is suitable for your project.


Reduce size of vector tiles and create extracts from MBTiles. TileShrinkt is application that creates as small extracts as possible.
Price 800 USD

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