Download any map data. Updated weekly.

Regular updates

OpenStreetMap vector tiles are updated weekly. Either re-download the whole planet and deploy it on your side manually or use our automated update service using diff tiles.

Unlimited downloads

Download the planet or any of our standard map extracts from the Downloads section. Always fresh, in the latest version, ready for your business.

Available packages

Choose a variation that fits your needs

Freelancer/Nonprofit Business Business PLUS
OpenStreetMap vector tiles YYY
Contour lines vector tiles YYY
Hillshading raster tiles YYY
Elevation data as TIFFYYY
Number of accounts115
Premium styles (only self-hosting)Y
Automated update systemY
Satellite (medium-res) Y
Operate map hosting service for a single third party
company/institution - multi-license available on request
Redistribute data to a single third party
company/institution - multi-license available on request
Possible purchase via quote and invoiceY
Purchase through resellerY
Initial purchase 512 USD 1 024 USD 2 048 USD
Annual updates subscription
first year free
256 USD 512 USD 1 024 USD
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Contour lines & hillshading

Access to download of our global contour lines as vector tiles and hillshading as raster tiles is included.

Satellite and Landcover Business PLUS

Global satellite map with medium resolution (approx. 20m/px). Detailed landcover tiles for beautiful world Street and Topo maps.

Account management Business PLUS

Access to the Downloads section for a team of up to 5 persons. Optional separate billing account (for purchase via third-party), manual purchase process with quote and invoice and bank transfer.

Premium styles Business PLUS

Rights to derive your own company map design from our Premium styles such as Streets or Topo.

If the maps appear in a product / service published under your name you need your own license

Attribution requirements and other details in terms.

The purchase of the package is a one-time payment, in the name of the entity (company, institution) who publishes the product or service where our maps appear. It is meant for self-hosting. The right to use the tiles apply on all the products (websites, mobile apps, printed maps, videos, etc) of the entity who purchased the package. Maps can be used without limits by the end-customers (even behind login, for assets tracking, in a form of offline cache on client, etc.).

Additional services (such as optimisation of the vector tiles directly for your map style, which reduces the tileset size significantly)

or support for production deployment are offered separately and are not included in this package.

Business PLUS customers have the right to use and modify the KlokanTech premium styles for their own company. The right is not transferable to other companies or customers.

Please read the terms and check our changelog.

Consider also our vector tile hosting with global CDN infrastructure - if you don't want to serve vector tiles from your own servers.