Do you need OpenStreetMap vector tiles for unlimited use in your products? We process the data for the whole planet and produce country and city extracts and keep it up to date, so you don’t need to setup and maintain the expensive infrastructure or computer cluster on your side. It is fastest and probably also cheaper to get the pre-processed data from us; just count all the working hours and infrastructure costs on your side!

In this package you receive:

The purchase of the package is a one-time payment, in the name of the entity (company, institution) who publishes the product or service where our maps appear. The right to use apply on all the products of the entity who purchased the package.

We will enable access to downloads for one year. The following years access to the new updates can be extended with a significantly cheaper annual fee. The regular weekly updates of our OpenStreetMap vector tilesets starts in Q1-2017.

Support and additional services (such as optimisation of the vector tiles directly for your map style, which reduces the tileset size significantly) are offered separately, so they are not included in this package.

Consider also vector tile hosting in case you don't want to serve vector tiles on your own infrastructure.

Schema updates and changelog.

Freelancer/Nonprofit512 USD

Freelancers, small companies (team of five people max), educational institutions, tax exempt/charity organizations. Updates are 128 USD per year, the first year is free.

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Business 1024 USD

Business, government organizations, others. Updates are 512 USD per year, the first year is free.

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