Unlimited downloads with weekly updates of the entire planet.

Regular updates

OpenStreetMap vector tiles are updated weekly. Either re-download the whole planet and deploy it on your side manually or use our automated update service using diff tiles.

Unlimited downloads

Download the planet or any of our standard map extracts from the Downloads section. Always fresh, in the latest version, ready for your business.

Contour lines & hillshading

Access to download of our global contour lines as vector tiles and hillshading as raster tiles is included.


Global satellite map with medium resolution (approx. 20m/px).

Account managementBusiness

Access to the Downloads section for a team of up to 5 persons. Optional separate billing account (for purchase via third-party), manual purchase process with quote and invoice and bank transfer.

Self-hosting packages

Choose a package that fits your needs

Freelancer/Nonprofit Business
OpenStreetMap vector tiles YY
Contour lines vector tiles YY
Hillshading raster tiles YY
Elevation data as TIFF YY
Number of accounts 15
Automated update system Y
Satellite (medium-res) Y
Possible purchase via quote and invoice Y
Possible purchase through reseller Y
Initial purchase 1 024 USD 2 048 USD
Annual OSM updates subscription
first year free
512 USD 1 024 USD
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Self-hosting package

The standard self-hosting packages enable you to host the maps and display them to end-consumers (individuals) as part of your products.

Typical example

You operate a website where the maps appear (real-estate search, traveling, store locator, ...) or you publish your own mobile app on the app store. Maps are served from your own centralized servers and possibly cached on end-consumer devices (mobile phone, web browser).

Contact us for Multi-license

Multi-license is a yearly fee which is required e.g. if your products or services containing the map data target other legal entities (companies/institutions), if you plan to run a traditional commercial map tile hosting service or if you need to redistribute the map data as it is. Multi-license can be provided with a significant volume discount, please contact us at sales.

Typical example

  • Our maps appear in services, websites or products of any third-party.
  • Our maps are used in the internal system of another legal entity (your client).
  • You do the on-premise installation of the maps at your client’s place, bundle or redistribute our maps with your software, or operate hosting.

Basic rule

If the maps appear in a product / service published under your name you need your own license

Attribution requirements and other details in terms.

Additional services

Support from our engineers for production deployment, integration or modifications of the maps is offered separately. We can also provide tiles in custom coordinate systems, adapt maps for your business or optimize the size of the tiles.

MapTiler Cloud infrastructure

If you don’t want to host the maps on your own servers, consider the MapTiler Cloud hosting service. You can use and customize our maps or upload your own data. Start with a FREE account or get a commercial hosting for 20 USD / month.