Get the source code of mobile app for Android and iOS that is able to display OpenStreetMap vector tiles saved in MBTiles format. I works also offline and with your GPS location. The OpenMapTiles team made this app as a starter for your app development!

Try offline map functionality by downloading a street map for the whole planet, country or city of your choice. The map data can also be embedded and distributed together with your app!

This package can significantly speed up a development of your own mobile app and save considerable amount of costs for the development.

The source code, or its parts, can be used in your commercial products or any other projects. The code is provided "as is" for the Android and iOS in a form of access to a private repository on GitHub (own account needed). It is not possible to share the code itself or its parts to third parties.

The source code of the mapping component is derived from the open-source Mapbox SDKs for Android and iOS. The app itself is written in the native platform programming language (Java on Android, Swift on iOS).

We have extended the Mapbox SDKs (C++) with the ability to load the map tiles from local MBTiles files that are either bundled with the app or downloaded by the user. The map assets (styles, fonts, icons) can be distributed together with the app or loaded online.

The map tiles can come from a server you specify without dependency on any single hosting provider. We recommend using the app with OpenMapTiles Hosting or your own TileServerGL instance. There is no restriction or monthly payment depending on the number of users of the mobile app.

Support and customization of this application are not part of this package, but you can buy it separately.

App Source Code512 USD

Android and iOS source code skeleton.

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