Tiles for Województwo mazowieckie (Mazovian Voivodeship)

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Województwo mazowieckie (Mazovian Voivodeship)

Bounds 19.23355, 50.98451, 23.15637, 53.5116
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Download OpenStreetMap vector tiles of Województwo mazowieckie (Mazovian Voivodeship). These tiles contains selection of OpenStreetMap data - in layers defined by the OpenMapTiles Vector Tile Schema.

Zoom in to preview the details of this tileset. Provided area is marked with a rectangle.

Extracts also contain data on lower zoom levels to make your map look good without having to download the entire planet.

The tiles are generated on zoom levels 1 to 14, but can be overzoomed to level 18+. Vector tiles contain selection of OpenStreetMap data - following the OpenMapTiles schema, compatible with the open styles.

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