Reduce size of vector tiles and create extracts from MBTiles.

TileShrink is application that creates as small extracts as possible. It removes unused content from your tiles based on

  • bounding box,
  • zoom level range,
  • and map style (JSON GL style) used for your map.

If your map style shows only a subset of what our tile schema offers, TileShrink will remove attributes, features, and even whole layers that users never see in the map at given zoom level. The simpler the GL style is and the less data it shows, the smaller the size of your extract will be.

Reduced extracts mean lower data transfer, faster visualisation on client and server side, as well as lower data size for offline mobile applications.

TileShrink can be used with standard OpenMapTiles schema as well as with your custom vector tile schema as an input.

You can try TileShrink online and purchase reduced datasets on custom extracts page.

TileShrink 800 USD

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