Free CDN for OpenMapTiles

A free OpenStreetMap vector map tileserver is available for personal non-commercial use and demonstration purposes. The hosting shares infrastructure and global CDN with our map service, but does not update the vector tiles and is served with limited bandwidth and no guarantees. Commercial use is strictly prohibited.

Support is not included in those two packages, but you can buy consultations separately.

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Commercial vector tile hosting

Do you need fast world maps in your products? We offer a commercial map tile hosting for OpenMapTiles vector tiles with unlimited traffic. With this service you will receive regularly updated OpenStreetMap vector tiles for whole planet, higher bandwidth with improved global CDN, secure HTTPS access to map tiles and your own endpoint served from a monitored infrastructure.

In case you need raster tiles rendered from your styles, tiles for hillshading or contour lines, hosting of your own vector or raster tilesets, high-availability setup or dedicated servers for your maps, visit TileHosting.

Pay per year month

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Payment for one year
48 USD / month Sign in to buy
Payment for one month

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